Pisma podrške HUMS-u

Drage naše kolegice i kolege,

u 2020. godini koja je od Svjetske zdravstvene organizacije proglašena Godinom
medicinskih sestara i primalja nalazimo se kao najbrojnija skupina profesionalaca na prvoj
liniji u borbi s COVID-19 u cijelome svijetu. Mi svakodnevno profesionalno obavljamo svoje
dužnosti i pružamo sigurnost svim našim građanima.

Sestrinstvo je za nas više od same profesije. Mi smo dio globalnog sestrinstva i činimo sve
da sestrinstvo nema granica.

Sestrinstvo bez granica!

Zahvaljujemo svim nacionalnim udrugama medicinskih sestara, članicama ICN-a na podršci
u borbi s pandemijom COVID-19 i potresom koji je zadesio Grad Zagreb i okolicu!


Pisma podrške poslali su nam:

Elizabeth Adams,President of the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN)

Dear EFN Members and Colleagues,
First and foremost, the EFN Executive Committee has decided, due to the rapidly evolving
COVID-19 situation in the EU, to cancel the 111th EFN
General Assembly, planned on 16-17 April 2020, in Brussels, which now will take place on 15-
16 October 2020, in Estonia. These are very difficult times!
From the EFN we would like to express all our support to the nurses working frontline to slow
down the progress ofthe disease and assist citizens/patients in their awareness and recovery.
We wish all our colleagues in the EU dealing daily with COVID-19 our strongest support.
Especially now, it is a privilege to be serving as your EFN President with 2020 being the World
Health Organization (WHO) Year of the Nurse and Midwife. It is a very difficult year for the
frontline nurses, but we should all stand tall and united to overcome this pandemic. It is very
important that during the WHO Year of the Nurse and Midwife, the EFN keeps on being
strategically focused on solutions. During these last few months, the EFN continued close
cooperation with the EU institutions – mainly the European Commission and the European
Parliament – ensuring that policies and emergency measures stay fit-for-purpose. As already
written in 2015, when Ebola hit Afrika hard, the recommendation to the EU institutions on
frontline preparedness, and supported by DG Sante and the EU Presidency of Luxembourg at
that time, needs to be fully implemented.
The EFN Report identifies the gaps and needs of all nurses in relation to Infection Diseases of
High Consequence (IDHC) and brings in recommendations to design capacity building
seminars for nurses in order to achieve better preparedness.

The EFN wants to make sure that the key EU decision makers and stakeholders at EU and
national levels understand how important the mobilisation of sufficient resources and
appropriate staffing is; that it is crucial to engage nurses at all levels of policy design,
including the development of evidence based protocols, care pathways and materials in order
to ensure their needs are well covered; and essential to get better prepared and ensure
availability of education, training, protocols, use of new technology for improved
communication, relevant protective equipment, and that the public and health professionals
full informed and prepared, so they do not risk their own lives when caring for the sick and
most vulnerable.
Colleagues, your dedication, support, knowledge, expertise and strategic insights are of high
importance for EFN members in the EU and Europe. I very much look forward to us all to
continuing to keep on making that positive difference for citizens and patients in the EU and


Monika Ažman, President of the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia

Dear Mrs.Lupieri,
dear collegues from the Croatian Association of Nurses, dear friends,
let me first thank for your very kind letter of support in these stressful times for all of us.
Demonstrated solidarity from our neighbours, colleagues from all over the Europe and from
the World shows why our profession is one of the most respected among the people around
the World . Since Florence Nightingale started her work among those who needed help the
most, the meaning of the word »empathy« became our greatest value. It is a clear message
that we, nurses and midwives, won't get anyone alone should this be our patients or our own
I would also like to express same support to you, your organisation, your colleagues and
other health proffesionals who's fighting this battle with the most invisible enemy in order to
protect the life of those, who are the most vulnerable. I am sure that we will all prevail and
learn from this situation in order to be next time even stronger. We were shocked today
when the earthquake shook beautiful Zagreb with its surroundings and caused many people
leaving their houses as well as hospitals. We hardly believe that so many things can occur at
the same time and let me express our deepest compassion with all the victims and all those
who were affected by this. I know that our people were always strong in the most difficult
times and I am sure that we are now stronger than ever before. My colleagues and me will be
very pleased to give you any feasible assistance if asked.
With kind regards/Sretno svima

Đurđa Sima, predsjednica Društva medicinskih sester, babic in zdravstvenih tehnikov

Poštovane kolegice i kolegi, draga predsjednice gospođo Tanja Lupieri,

zahvaljujemo se vam na pismu podpore, želimo vam uputiti podršku i pomoći sredstvima s
namjerom da pomognete svojim članovima u uspostavljanju normalnijih uvjeta za rad nakon
potresa koji ste doživjeli danas i za sanaciju štete uslijed epidemije COVID 19.
Draga kolegice Tanja, vjerujem u HUMS i u naše kolegice.
Pratila sam situaciju i želim vam puno kreativnosti i energije, da napravite što je moguče
Srdačan pozdrav iz Ljubljane.


Blerina Duka, President of the Albanian Order of Nurses

We are with you, with Croatian Nurses and people, especially those affected by earthquakes
and injured, we wish fast recovery.
In this difficult moment for the Croatian Nurses Association, which is also facing the COVID-
19 pandemic, we express our support for all the nurses, that are allways in first line of the
On behalf of the Board and Staff of Albanian Order of Nurses.


Anna La Torre, President of the European Association for the History of Nursing

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,
I know that in all European countries at the moment, we are making our best to get out of
this health emergency.
In the years to come it will be important to remember what happened, and as historians we
will be called on to be those who preserve and study what really happened, in the hope that
this will help future generations to improve every day.
We know that humanity has emerged from deeper darkness, but despite the sacrifices to
which all will be called to make, we will have a great renaissance if we return to build, day
after day and all together, a culture of memory and science.
Through our studies we will be able to analyze the results of the generous gestures of
solidarity and exchanges of knowledge among the various communities but even the
consequences of the illogical prejudices that we still have today.
Looking forward to seeing you soon, stronger than before. On behalf of Maria Eugenia
Galiana, all the EAHN Committee and myself, we will wish our best and warmest wishes. Stay


Wu Xinjuan, President, Chinese Nursing Association

Dear President Lupieri, The outbreak of COVID-19 had been confirmed in around 200 countries and
territories around the world. Chinese Nursing Association is closely monitoring the
global epidemic and the situation in Croatia. Croatian Nurses Association plays a vital
role in the fight against the epidemic in Croatia. On behalf of Chinese Nursing
Association, I would like to express my support of nurses, healthcare workers and public
health officials inCroatia who are working diligently to care for patient affected by
COVID-19, and their efforts to control the spread of the outbreak. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese government has taken the most
comprehensive prevention measures to fight against the epidemic, and has achieved
positive results. Chinese Nursing Association stands in solidarity with our nursing
colleagues, and is working closely with the government to help combat the outbreak.

The dedication and vigour of Croatian nurses and healthcare workers in the battle
against COVID-19 exemplifies real professionalism and heroism. We would like to give
support and assistance to your association through our Belt and Road Nursing
Cooperation. Virus knows of no national boundaries, but the worst of times reveals the
best in people. In defeating the epidemic, we would like to remain in close
communication and coordination with Croatian Nurses Association , we understand that
a stronger international cooperation is the key to overcome this challenge.

I wish for the safety of all Croatian nurses and healthcare workers at the forefront of
this battle. I have complete confidence in Croatia’s ability to contain the disease from
further spreading and that the hardship will be overcome soon.